So hello again wordpress….

Been a spell since I’ve posted here hasn’t it? Been over a year to be precise about it…had initially set out for big things with this..and obviously that just didn’t happen. I got lazy, I got tired, unmotivated, whatever you want to call it, I got it…and thus this site just became forgotten about until now.

I’m not gonna put any specifics on things this time around, if there’s anything I’ve learned over my 28 years and change of being alive it’s that anytime I promise something….chances are good it may not necessarily happen in the timeframe I say it does…if it happens at all. I am trying to become better at that, but just the same, I’m not gonna promise anything here for that reason and instead just blog as I feel the need and desire to. Could be daily, could be weekly, could be monthly, just depends. I definitely intend to do it a lot more often but as I said…I’m not always the best at holding promises, not as much as I’d like to be anyway.

So with all that said….what brought me back to this is simply….I need a change, and I need it pretty badly. As I said above I am 28 years old right now, 29 come November….and I really have not much to show for my life. Have lived at home (with grandmother and mother currently) for my entire life….really haven’t worked a lot so really little money to my name….and anytime I have wanted to do something….even up to the start of this year (which is part of what has pushed me to come back here to begin with to kinda start over again a bit) it never has gone far. I’ll be so into it at the start and then… just kinda dies and goes uncompleted/unrealized. Some of that goes back to the issue with promises really, I get too involved in things too fast, and next thing I know I’m in over my head. It’s not a good thing at all for me on multiple levels.

Anyway, as time passes and I get older….I realize more and more the need to make something of myself…only thing is figuring out what, why and how. I can’t stay here forever I know that, (and really living here is very toxic anyway which is a topic all by itself) I have to do something somewhere. I have plenty of interests, it’s just the actual getting going with one that is the issue and always has been. I need to do something though, pick something, and actually see it through for a change. Committing to blogging may help that, or at least I hope it can, that is my goal at least for now with it. I just know though I need something…anything is better than just aimlessly floating around like I’ve been.

I guess that’s kinda it for now….I would like to give a quick shout out to a woman I met just this week through browsing periscope, by the name of Meredyth Lynn (whose websites are: // and then on twitter at @preCUMDOMcupied (which is also her periscope handle) ) who pushed me a bit to get back into this again through her own story and telling how writing/blogging helped her. So thank you for that Meredyth very much. But beyond that, that’s about it for the time being. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all around next time. 🙂





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